Zein Ka
Nickname Robust Serpent
Affiliation Central Powers
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Office Ottoman: Friend
"Thisss isss the age of Sssicnesss."
―Zein Ka


Zein Ka, the Robust Serpent, is a member of the Central Powers, and is seen at The Feast. He is a tall, serpent-like man with a deformed head. He wears a classic sweater and trenchcoat, and seems to suffer from a stutter of sorts, elongating "s"es into "sss"es, much like a reptile. He is also mentioned to be suffering from glaucoma. He seems to have a close relationship with Office Ottoman.

Like most members of the Central Powers, he is dead by the end of The Feast, chopped into slices by Shef.

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