Tibby Dobs
Inf Tibby Dobbs
HP 9999 ATK 9999
SP 9999 DEF 9999
SATK 9999 AGI 9999
SDEF 9999 LUCK 9999
Exp 0 Mags 0
Item Drops
1/1 chance of Infinity Jersey
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
Atk Element: Physical State Resist: Disarmed
"It's not working! Stronger, Kent!"
―Tibby Dobs, before being killed.

Description Edit

Tibby Dobs is a passive character and, later on, an enemy found in Downtown Olathe.

Pre-Jersey Edit

Tibby Dobs is found in Scarlet Valley's Chop Shop arguing with Bepe Stormer about two of 'The Game's members, John Johnson and Fringe Boy, and presumably who's better.

After Jersey Edit

Once the Salt Threshold is met, Tibby Dobs becomes a member of the Infinity Franchise. Tibby Dobs is found being struck in the face with a bat repeatedly by The Kent holding what appears to be Buddy posters. Trying to interact with Tibby Dobs or The Kent will result in a battle, where Tibby orders Kent to swing harder, resulting in his death.


Trivia Edit

  • A joke mod for Pointless named LISA: Tibby Dobbs exists. It features Tibby Dobbs as the main character, going through a humorous version of the game's events. Can be downloaded here.
  • Tibby's last name is commonly misspelled, due to the sprite files calling him Tibby Dobbs. His in-game name is Tibby Dobs.

Gallery Edit

Tibby Pre-Jersey

Pre-Jersey Tibby Dobs (Left) and Bepe Stormer (Right)