Stefan Kindchild
Inf Kind Child Hover
HP 2150 ATK 48
SP 10 DEF 13
SATK 20 AGI 32
Exp 300 Mags 0
Item Drops
Infinity Jersey 1/1
HIT: 95% ATK Element: Physical
Collapse Effect: Boss State Rate: Scared * 50%
State Resist: Disarmed
Bully State [Below Threshold] 9
Bottle Throw State [Secondary Threshold] 9
Meat Hose Switch [0199:Kind TV] 5
Cry Always 2
Blood Cough HP 0% ~ 15% 5
Grin State [Flustered] 8
Back Rub State [Flustered] 8
Grope State [Flustered] 8
Taste State [Flustered] 7
"In the desert I saw a creature,



Who, squatting upon the ground,

Held his heart in his hands,

And ate of it.

I said; "is it good friend?"

"It is bitter."

"But I like it because it is bitter."

"And because it is my heart.""

―Stefan Kindchild, upon his death


Stefan Kindchild is an optional miniboss in Downtown Infinity, He is found in an alleyway right next to The Gambling Hall where the Dinner Scene is located. He is being carried by Chandler Sinclair and has a Television on top of his head. Once Alex touches the two of them, a battle will engage.

Stefan Kindchild, along with Anaconda Virtue and Jessie Mack are part of Lester's sidequest, and his body must be picked up after death to complete it, granting a few of Moe's Special Blend.

Killing Stefan Kindchild will also kill the Television.

Killing Chandler Sinclair will not kill Stefan Kindchild though.

Strategy Edit

Stefan is very tanky, so it is advised to not attack him immediately. You should instead kill Chandler Sinclair, who has a third of the health and is rather dangerous. You also shouldn't care too much about the television - It can either enrage everyone, or heal everyone by 88 health. However, it also gives Stefan the ability to use Meat Hose, which hits both members, applies Off Balance, and Oiled Up. The damage isn't too serious if your level is decently high but it will dampen you. Getting rid of the television will remove Stefan's ability to use Meat Hose, but it will also remove Chandler's Blind status, making it possible for him to actually hit you, so it's recommended to go for Chandler first.

Once Chandler dies, he gains a few moves, notably Shove, Tackle and Stomp. These three are extremely dangerous when combo'd, as Shove puts you off balance, Tackle makes you fall and Stomp is an almost instant KO if you are fallen. So you should focus on preventing him from attacking altogether, which shouldn't be very hard. Also remember that it isn't very effective to Taunt+Roll as Joel if Alex is being bullied.

Once Stefan's health falls to 0, he dies as well as the Television and you can continue on your journey.

Trivia Edit

  • Stefan's death quote is taken from the poem In The Desert by Stephen Crane.


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