Affiliation Central Powers

Infinity Franchise

Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
"I'm not that kind of shef."
―Shef, hilarious as always

Description Edit

Shef is a member of the Central Powers. He is a short, grumpy man sporting a red and black chef's outfit. He has a penchant for making hilarious jokes, to which an invisible crowd always laughs at.

During the feast, he reveals that he is a member of the Infinity Franchise, and declares that there is "nowhere to go but INFINITY", and backstabs Office Ottoman right afterwards.

Like most members of the Central Powers, he is dead by the end of The Feast, choking to death on his food after killing Zein Ka by chopping his neck off and stabbing Office Ottoman.

Notes Edit

  • Shef is the only Central Powers member without a gang or without any gang members shown.
  • Office Ottoman mentions Shef as having a "funny curse". This could be interpreted literally as everything he does is "funny" and is laughed at by disembodied voices.