"Salt Threshold" is an important switch in the first chapter of LISA: The Pointless that unlocks new content in Downtown Olathe.

Switch Effects Edit

Universal/Unspecific Edit

  • Random 'The Game' symbols are vandalized with 88 graffiti

House Crimson Edit

Red Road Edit

  • Tibby Dobs, The Kent and Derb Wesley Jr. become overtaken by The Infinity Franchise
    • Tibby Dobbs and The Kent both relocate to the Red Road and become fightable
    • Derb Wesley Jr. Relocates to the Red Road

Salt Lake Edit

  • Ham Radar sucumbs to his wound

Parking Lots Edit

  • Tuber Valentiei begins eating himself

How to Activate Edit

To activate the Salt Theshold, the player has to go into the Salt Lake from the right entrance and scale the upper path until you come across a cave. Enter said cave then follow the linear path up to Anaconda Virtue. Defeat Anaconda then jump down the cliff to the right. The platform you fall onto should have a stash of 2 Mags. Jump down the cliff on the left, and the jump will activate the switch.