Ross Hillock
Ross Hillock
HP 1150 ATK 60
SP 30 DEF 40
SATK 25 AGI 63
Exp 200 Mags 2
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Rate: Scared * 50%
ATK Efficiency: Airborne * 60% State Rate: Rage * 150%
State Resist: Disarmed
Stiff Arm Always 5
Tackle State [Rage] 6
Solid Punch Always 5
Bully State [Below Threshold] 9
"Here comes the meat train!"
―Ross Hillock, making his entrance


Ross Hillock is a member of the Infinity Franchise who shows up in the Donnie Sand battle, throwing a television at him to kill him when his HP gets below 60%.

Ross is much trickier to deal with then Donnie Sand, especially since he starts off the fight by going crazy, inflicting Rage on himself. When his health gets to 30% or less he will say "Can't break my streak!" and inflicts Ironbody on himself.

Trivia Edit

  • When Hillock dies, he exclaims "Fifth fold... so close!". This heavily implies that he was on the Fourth Fold of Infinity, meaning he has killed at least 80 people. Taking into consideration that he was "so close" to the fifth fold, he was likely closer to the 120 kill mark.
  • Hilllock's entrance may be a reference to a scene from the film "The Room" in which the protagonist, Johnny, hurls a television through a window out of frustration