Office Ottoman
Affiliation Central Powers
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships John Johnson: Friend

Zein Ka: Friend Fringe Boy: Enemy

"You know... you two are fresh-smooth. I think i want to come with you."
―Office Ottoman, seconds before his demise


Office Ottoman is a member of the Central Powers, and is seen at The Feast showing up first.  He seems to have a close friendship with John Johnson. He also seems to be the most level-headed and responsible member of the Central Powers, as he has normal conversation with most of the members, and is the person doing the role call.

When the Infinity Madness claims over half the table's guests, he seems rather bored of "The Game", and requests to join Alex and Joel. Unfortunately, moments later, much like the other members of the Central Powers, he is killed by the end of The Feast, being stabbed in the back by Shef.

Gang Members Edit

  • Aron Ritcher (former) ?
  • Tuber Valentiei (former)