Kill some for Lester!
Full Name Lester Bean
Affiliation Central Powers
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Alex:Friend


"Don’t touch the stuff you find on the ground. It’s all sorts of wrong!"
Lester Bean is a Kitchener from Downtown Olathe and one of the few remaining sane people during the Infinity Madness. Lester offer a selection of healing items for the party as well of a game side-quest.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Lester is a big, kite faced middle-aged American man with a snubbed nose and wide settled true sapphire eyes, having his left eye lazy. His face spots a pronounced frown, eyebags, malformations and a jowl. He also has gray messy hair possibly meaning his old, and a shaven brown. Lester is usually wearing a hairnet alongside a dirty and opened long-sleeved shirt, a brownish apron, blueish gray gloves and the natural black pants. He also is a frequent smoker, so it is common watching him with a big cig in his mouth.

Despite his odd appearance, manners and habits, Lester claims to be a “normal person” and will get friendly with whoever he perceives as a same. Lester is not wrong with this, as his community is slowly losing any sign of sanity. He also tends to lie and be very avid about it when it concerns any uncomfortable matter about him.


Lester is a well-known butcher from Downtown Olathe, as he probably established his cafeteria before both the White Flash and The Infinity Madness. A very common thing to happen with his customers was hearing complaints about the side effects of eating his meat, such is the case of Jessie Mack whom complained about getting meat sweats while eating.

When the Franchise started to mobilize trough Down Town, Lester knowing the side effects of the jerseys, acted relaxed but cautious as he began a strife with franchisers, going as far to publish a Most Wanted ad in his cafeteria starring the one’s he considered worst of the worst.

When Alex and Joel first meet him, Lester is having an argument with Mes Tez and Wing Sping who are treating him for receiving free meat. While Mes is attempting to persuade Lester peacefully, Wing is being irritable constantly screaming “Crack his skull!”. This behavior ends up despairing Lester and he slitters them with a single slice of his katana. Shortly after this encounter he spots Alex and Joel, which excites him (as both are “normal”) so he starts being inviting and cheerful.

Lester's Bounty Side QuestEdit

After revising his Most Wanted List, Lester asks them to perform it, containing the following:

After finishing the bounty, Lester would be thankful with Alex and Joel effort, then Alex will directly ask is they are eating people, a question that will immediately be avoided by Lester saying it’s only imitation pork. Shortly after he will admit that he was lying, stating that the meat tastes like chicken, Alex will be compressive with Lester, causing him to get all emotional. As a gratefulness act Lester offers the Antique Ham, his most powerful. Is opt to the player sharing the ham or just taking it.

Sharing the ham with Lest will unlock a brief cutscene

The FeastEdit

Lester will be the host at the Central Powers dinner meeting, he will happily welcome all the invited people. Despite Shef looking like a cook, he will not help Lester. As he "Is not that kind of chef".

Lester, alongside Alex, Joel and Long Leg Lennie, was one of The Feast survivors. Returning to the Cafeteria after this event will just be the same.

Item SellingEdit

Item Selled
Stew in a Bag

6 Mags

Nightmare Bile
Nightmare Bile

5 Mags

Tomato Sauce Packet

1 Magazine

After giving Stefan corpse to Lester, the following item will be available:

Item Selled
Moe's Special Blend

8 Mags

Just remember: “chew with your good teeth”.


Trivia Edit

  • Lester meat is made from a mix of actual human meat and toilet paper. Source
  • During early development Chriss Bellucci was taken into consideration for being part of Lester’s Bounty Side-quest, but at the end he was taken out and replaced by Anaconda Virtue. Source
  • Lester Bean has similarities to Augustus Estrada, as both are relatively normal characters for their habitats, and actively refuse to participate in the kind of insanity that goes on within Garbage Island and Downtown Olathe.