Lest we forget
Affiliation None, Central Powers caterer
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Alex Churchland: Friend

Joel Miller: Friend

Lester Bean is a vendor at the Cafeteria on Red Road. He is one of the few "normal people" left in Downtown Olathe, and one of the fewer who doesn't die. He is first seen being accosted by two Infinity Franchise members, Mes Tez and Wing Sping, after Lester becomes jumpy when Wing refuses to stop saying "Crack his skull!" Lester promptly kills both of them in a single slice of a katana.

Lester's Side QuestEdit

Lester offers a bounty hunter for killing 3 of the Minibosses in Downtown Olathe. Anaconda Virtue, Stefan Kindchild and Jessie Mack.

Anaconda VirtueEdit

Killing him rewards with Stew in a Bag and a bottle of Potato Liqueur

Stefan KindchildEdit

Killing him rewards with two Moe's Special Blend, and let Lester sell you more for 8 magazines each

Jessie MackEdit

Killing him rewards with sixteen Tomato Sauce Packets


Delivering all the corpses to Lester will rewards you with the most powerful healing item in the game, giving the option to eat with Lester (acting as a campfire healing) or thanking him and saving the item for later.

Item SellingEdit

Lester sells recovery items to Alex, and Joel. The items are as follows

Inventory Edit