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The Infinity Franchise beckons


The Infinity Franchise is a massive hostile faction that permeates Downtown Olathe, the second main area of LISA: The Pointless. Members of the Franchise almost always are wearing a red and green jersey with the number 88 emblazoned on the front and back, and everyone who is part of the franchise is inexplicably violent and will almost always attack Alex and Joel on sight.

The exact reasoning behind this is unknown, but Alex's conversation with Daniel Grind reveals that there is some sort system in place wherein members of the Franchise gain access to high tiered "folds to infinity" through random, senseless killing, though exactly what these "folds" are remains a mystery.

Though there does not appear to be any real leadership amongst members of the franchise, Arnold Shpitz seems to function as a de-facto leader due to his immense strength, and presumably his high "Fold" level. Most people who have donned the jerseys don't seem to acknowledge anything beyond the franchise itself, opting to do away with most forms of order that had previously been established in Downtown Olathe.

Although Alex and Joel do not wear the jersey, when the player has attained 8 kills from the various enemies that they encounter, they are able to visit Daniel Grind, who functions as a bureaucrat for the franchise. During this visit, the player may either opt to join the Franchise through a fight, or run from said fight to refuse.

After Arnold's fight, the Infinity Franchise isn't heard of again until the ending, where multiple people wearing the 88 jerseys can be seen during the third cut.


  • The Folds work in a rather odd way, with 8 kills being the first fold and other consecutive folds requiring 8 multiplied with the number of the fold, meaning added on top of the previous fold, as mentioned by Daniel Grind. As such, to get to the third fold, the required kills would be (8 x 1) + (8 x 2) + (8 x 3) = 48, and so on.

Notable MembersEdit

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