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The Infinity Franchise beckons


The Infinity Franchise is a massive hostile horde that permeates wherever they go to, their newest "host" is Downtown Olathe, the second main area of LISA: The Pointless. Members of the Franchise are always wearing red and green sportwear with a jersey that have the number 88 emblazoned on the front and back, and everyone who joins the franchise are randomly violent (with said violence being more demanding at higher folds) and will irregulary attack Alex and Joel on sight.

The exact reasoning behind this is unknown, but the franchise promotes violence with a system of "Folds of Infinity". These are managed by Daniel Grind, a bureucrat of sorts. The powers these folds give may be due to the Placebo Effect or to the supernatural nature of the franchise itself.

Though there does not appear to be any real leadership amongst members of the franchise, Arnold Shpitz seems to function as a de-facto leader due to his high "Fold" level. Most people who have donned the jerseys don't seem to acknowledge anything beyond the franchise itself, opting to do away with most forms of order that had previously been established in their past lifes.

Although Alex and Joel do not wear the jersey, when the player has attained 8 kills from the various enemies that they encounter, they are able to visit Daniel Grind, who functions as a bureaucrat for the franchise. During this visit, the player may either opt to join the Franchise through a fight, or run from said fight to refuse. This means the jersey is not supernatural, and it's separated from Grind and the fumes. The Jersey works as a "conductor" for the folds of infinity. The reason why Grind and his superiors are doing this is unknown.

After Arnold's fight, the Infinity Franchise isn't heard of again until the ending, where multiple people wearing the infinity sportwear can be seen during the Phantasm Way.

Origin Edit

The Infinity Sportswear was created by the Kung Company, in an attempt to copy the King Company. Accidentally, Kung had a Mandela Effect and though the King Company had created a new sportwear, then creating a bootleg out of nothing. Thus creating the infinity sportwear, which is a paradox where it's the bootleg and the original at the same time. Kung hid the sportwear in various locations around Olathe, but they have been digged up by the franchise, reaching to the present story.


  • The Folds work in a rather odd way, with 8 kills being the first fold and other consecutive folds requiring 8 multiplied with the number of the fold, meaning added on top of the previous fold, as mentioned by Daniel Grind. As such, to get to the third fold, the required kills would be (8 x 1) + (8 x 2) + (8 x 3) = 48, and so on.
  • It is unknown (as of yet) what drew the first person who wore the Jersey, to the Jersey, it is also unknown why the Jerseys in particular (and no other form of wear or clothing) were chosen to conduct violence with.

Notable MembersEdit