Gale Wonder
Affiliation Neon Flamingos
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Chad Nickel: Friend

Ray Wilson: Friend

"Hey, Ray! Can a boy get some of that sweet... sweet... sound?"
―Gale Wonder


Gale Wonder is a member of the Neon Flamingos, alongside Chad Nickel and Ray Wilson, by the end of Mystics of Trash and Violence. He is a blonde man wearing a feminine half-mask that goes down to his upper lip, sporting red lipstick underneath, along a Leather Jacket attire.

As Jason Pike gets on the bus, Alex and Joel are abruptly stopped on their way by Chad. Gale intervenes, saying that they've got enough enemies as it is, and tells Alex and Joel to get on the bus.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mask that he wears is a reference to Shaye Saint John.
  • Gale Wonder has become the subject of a popular meme, involving him doing the "Hand Thing" (clapping in an extremely bizarre manner, alternating between the back and palms of your hands) as a consequence of his mask being a reference to Shaye Saint John's.