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Lisa tibby dobs

LISA: Tibby Dobs Edit

A joke-mod for LISA: The Pointless made by Garbage and Monkey Plate also known as a loser on Youtube. The mod stars Tibby Dobs as the main character.


  • Fully playable and challenging.
  • New combat encounters as well of older ones adjusted for the new character stats.
  • New music tracks.
  • Hilarious dialogue.
  • Breaking the rules.
  • Brain Removal.




An interactive cutscene made by NopeCartoons. Dinnerful is a twisted perspective of the fangame creators and the Lisa community through a repainted version of the Central Powers meeting.


In Development Edit

LISA: The Pointless Agony Mode Edit

Agony Mode is an expansion being developed by a team headed by lead artist and writer RCR. The goal is to expand upon the lore of the pointless and greatly ramp up the difficulty with new areas such as the other side of Garbage Island. Along with this are new encounters, scenes and original music as well as a new party member in the form of Office Ottoman.


A joke mod in the works by Death Grapes, with the help of birty0 and other members of the community. Adds jokes, a new party member and some extensions to the game.

Cancelled Edit

LISA: The Kent Edit

A joke mod for the Pointless starring The Kent, originally called "Lisa: The HONKFUL." . Was meant to follow the same mechanic and gimmick of Lisa: Tibby Dobs, however the game was cancelled in mid-2017.

LINDA: The MeaningfulEdit

A joke mod that was in development by Ninten45. The game would starry celebrities from Youtube gaming as the main crew of characters. The game was cancelled in late-2017.