Doyle Muscare
Donnie Muscare
HP 990 ATK 54
SP 30 DEF 18
SATK 30 AGI 50
Exp 280 Mags 3
Item Drops
Peasant's Hat 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Rate: Scared * 50%
Pick Weapon Up State [Disarmed] 4
Club Strike State [Armed] 6
Grope Always 3
Kick Always 2
Power Fist Switch [0146: Roland Armour] 5
Infinite Deathmaker State [Geared Up] 9
Stomp State [Below Threshold] 10
"Off to the grinder with you all!"
―Doyle Muscare, before battle


Doyle Muscare was originally, found near the bottom of House Crimson, sitting near a barrel fire with Kim Soltoon, part of Tic Tonic's gang. When spoken to, he will mention that Vinny Ramón and Lin Rhodes were part of the same gang, before joining the Infinity Franchise, as well as saying "They'll be back, it's just a phase." He also notes that "Everyone's been losing too much turf. The Franchise doesn't know how to play"

After Alex takes the bag containing a Mystery Jerky and three Cigarettes in the area with Twisty in it, Doyle will now be found right of the "Olathe Public School" sign in House Crimson, having put on an Infinity Jersey taken from a nearby corpse pile and killing Kim Soltoon.

In battle, when Doyle's health drops below 60% he will say "I'll make mincemeat out of you!" and be inflicted with Rage, finally, upon dying he will ominously say "They'll kill you for me."

Notes Edit

  • He is referred to as "Donnie Muscare" in the game's files.

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