Chad Nickel
Affiliation Neon Flamingos
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Gale Wonder: Friend

Ray Wilson: Friend

"The hell you're going? This ain't your community transport."
―Chad Nickel


Chad Nickel is a member of the Neon Flamingos, alongside Gale Wonder and Ray Wilson, by the end of Mystics of Trash and Violence. He is a blonde, flamboyant man, sporting red lipstick and purple eyeliner along with the regular Neon Flamingo attire.

As Jason Pike gets on the bus, Alex and Joel are abruptly stopped on their way by Chad. He threatens them by taking out a knife, which Joel scolds him for, causing to him to put the knife away, but say that they're "still not getting on that bus.", right before Gale intervenes and lets Alex and Joel on the bus.