Antique Ham
Item information
Item ID 91
Price 30
Consume Yes
Scope All Allies
Occasion Always
Speed 0
Success Rate 100
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit
Formula None
HP Recovery 100% MP Recovery 100%
Oiled Up 100% Cure Oiled Up 100%
"Receive my most powerful meat!"

Description Edit

More legend than actual food. Full party HP and SP restore.

Use Edit

Antique Ham is a limited usable item that shares stats with that of a campfire, fully restoring the health and SP of all party members. Like other food items, it can be used in battle, making it a massive life-saver during tough boss battles such as Arnold Shpitz, effectively turning the tables if the player is about to be defeated.

Because of that, it is considered the strongest healing item in the game.

Location Edit

The only way to obtain this item is by completing Lester's side quest by bringing the corpses of Anaconda Virtue, Jessie Mack and Stefan Kindchild.

The game will automatically trigger some dialogue after bringing all the corpses, with Lester offering the ham after confessing his lies about the imitation pork (which actually tastes like chicken) and the player is left to decide whenever they'll share it with him or take the meat and thank for it.

Notes Edit

  • Choosing to share the ham with Lester will not provide the player with one and will instead use it on spot. While practically speaking, keeping the ham is generally better, but sharing the ham raises the Joel relation counter exponentially.